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Upgrade Your Workstation

Even if you don't have a height adjustable desk from us, you can still complete your ergonomic office setup with industry-leading products from UPLIFT Desk.

From our sound-absorbing UPLIFT Acoustics and affordable ergonomic seating to our multifunctional storage solutions and anti-fatigue mats, our products are designed to help you work better and live healthier. No matter what your current office setup, we can help you in your quest to build a comfortable, productive, and stylish workstation to keep your mind and body happy.

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Attachable Under-Desk Accessories

Your desk is the spot where you build presentations, scrutinize spreadsheets, and spend the majority of your workday. If you're working at a cluttered desk, however, you might be missing out on even better work. Keep it clean; when you work at a desktop that's free from clutter, you're able to focus much better, leading to more productive work throughout the day.

Under-desk accessories let you store devices and personal items off your desktop, saving space in your immediate work area. If you need more room to store things, our under desk drawers or a cubby can do the trick. For ideal ergonomic posture while typing, a keyboard tray is a great addition to your ergonomic workstation. Clear off desk and floor space while protecting your cords during sit-stand transitions with a CPU holder and manage your cables with our growing collection of wire management kits.

On the Floor and Beneath Desks

Speaking of accessories, we offer a growing collection of ergonomic tools that stow away easily underneath height adjustable desks. Our locking, rolling file cabinets are designed to fit neatly under most styles of sit-stand desks, so you can save space in your immediate work area.

Use a footrest to support your feet and legs and to improve seated circulation, or use a desk mat or active mat to comfortably stand with anti-fatigue support. Add a motion board for an active standing option that gives your body a whole new range of movements, from rocking to swiveling. And move even more on one of our under-desk treadmills or bikes for a fun and energizing way to be healthier at work.

Desktop Accessories

The wide, open landscape that is your desktop offers countless accessory options. Let us help you organize, power, and uplift your workstation in all the right ways.

Give yourself plenty space to store and stash loose desktop items while adding a pop of color and style with one of our organizer sets. Elevate your monitors to the perfect viewing position with a monitor arm and/or laptop mount. Light up your work area and fend off eye strain with one of our illuminating task lights. In-desk grommets give you nearby power and a spot through which you can route your cords, while our USB hub adds extra USB ports to charge devices and transport data quickly and easily. And finally, create a more private and sound-buffered workspace by adding a desktop acoustic privacy panel holder for your acoustic panels.

Side of Desk Accessories

When trying to maximize space and accessorize your workstation, don’t limit yourself to just items that will fit on your desk. The space beside your desk can be outfitted with tools to help you store your things and focus better on the task at hand. When you need an abundance of storage, a file cabinet or credenza lets you store office items in style, and can easily be situated to either side of your desk. And store large or infrequently-used items or devices on a fixed-height side table to keep your primary workspace clean and ready for use.

Our E7 LED Desk Lamp can be adapted to a floor lamp, allowing you to cast your light over a broader area, while our modesty panels bundle and clean up the wires at the rear of your workstation as they simultaneously hide the view under your desk. Our acoustic privacy panel options also shelter your desk from prying eyes while giving you some much-needed peace and quiet.

Eye-Catching Wall Touches

When you're in the market for accessories that can help you and your employees work more productively and with more focus, our UPLIFT Acoustics offer a growing range of options to help.

Starting with our 3D wall panels, your workspace is made much quieter thanks to these lightweight, yet dense polyester panels. Or install a hanging waffle cloud for a stunning and sound-reducing addition that your employees are sure to love. In both cases, bonus points go to you for installing a multifunctional piece of decor that is as useful as it is eye-catching.

Supportive Seating

Your workstation would be incomplete without an office chair that fits your body. Like a helpful sidekick that always has your back, the right ergonomic office chair or stool can make all of the difference in your sitting and working comfort.

Work with total seated support for your whole body with one of our comfortable, adjustable ergonomic chairs. Or perch on an ergonomic stool to get more support while standing, and rotate, tilt, and swivel for even more engagement for your body.